Agemian & Fang, Attorneys At Law — Pasadena, California

Agemian & FangRecords compiled by the state bar indicate that there are currently about 180,000 lawyers with active law licenses in California. Although it's nice that legal consumers have options, having so many potential law firms and solo practitioners to choose from can easily leave those same consumers feeling frustrated or overwhelmed.

At Agemian & Fang, we've been taking the guesswork out of choosing an attorney — one client at a time — since 1989. Here are just some of the important benefits you can gain from choosing to work with us today.

  • Accessibility and responsiveness: Our firm is comprised of two lawyers. There is nothing to keep the client at a distance from us. That's how we like to work — directly, face-to-face, as equal partners with the people who are relying on us for answers and representation. We also take pride in responding to the needs of our clients as quickly as possible. For example, we almost always return calls within a few hours (as opposed to a few days, which is more typical in our profession). If it's an urgent matter, we'll do our best to provide immediate help.
  • Efficiency and cost effectiveness: Our streamlined business structure minimizes overhead, eliminates duplicate or redundant work, and promotes faster resolutions to client legal matters in most cases.
  • Focused experience in the areas of dispute resolution and litigation: Ideally, you'll never be involved in a legal dispute or need to protect your interests in court. Regardless, experience with dispute resolution and trial work is a valuable asset that we use to help prevent disputes and litigation for our business creation and maintenance clients, and to resolve legal disputes more efficiently for those clients who are already embroiled in them
  • A strong partnership: The practice of working together for the benefit of the client isn't as strong at many law firms as it should be. Our 25-year track record of successful results is a testament to our complementary strengths as attorneys and our ability to work together effectively to the benefit of our clients.

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